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JC GP tuition lessons, at Byron, have helped many students from various junior colleges to do well in their General paper.

The General Paper Syllabus

The GP (General Paper) Syllabus aims to develop student’s left brain thinking through logical analysis of real life situations, argument of ideas rationally and convincingly with good and effective English.  It seeks to probe students’ exploration of real life issues locally and globally to prepare them for the adult world. Students are assessed based on the following criteria:
1) Maturity of Thought.
2) Independent Thinking
3) Proficient use of language.

Through the above, the GP seeks to:

  • Enlighten students about the reality of the world they live in and develop an awareness of issues of change and continuity.
  • Widen students’ horizons and to appreciate the delicacy of relationships between countries and us.
  • Help students to develop more mature thinking through critical reading and thinking.
  • Develop students’ abilities to communicate effectively.
  • Develop the ability to evaluate ideas and arguments from different perspectives.
  • Encourage students to research and uncover more details pertaining to an issue.


Secondary English Tuition

English Tuition for Secondary One to Four and ‘O’- Level.

JC English Tuition

English Tuition for JC1, JC2 GP.

Maths for Secondary & JC

Mathematics Tuition for Secondary, JC1 & 2 Students.

Chemistry for 'O' Level & JC

Chemistry for ‘O’- Level & JC .

Years of Experience


Scored A or B



Essay Writing

  • We engage in discussions to hone argument and counter-argument skills
  • We embrace a structured approach to address the demands of different genres of essay writing.
  • We focus on rebuttal and refutation skills, alongside qualification and concession skills.


We adopt a structured approach to tackling

  • short answered questions
  • stylistic devices type of questions
  • summary quesions
  • application question
  • paraphrasing skills

We highlight strategies and techniques to ace this paper.

We emphasise paraphrasing skills.


Effective Communication Skills

Beyond comprehension and critical thinking, we emphasise skills of argument and persuasions and work towards communicating clearly using accepted conventions of Spelling, Punctation and Grammar. We expose students to use of various linguistic styles and expressions.
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Testimonials & Featured Students

Ms Ho is a warm and dedicated teacher who will go the extra mile for her students. Despite being with her for less than a year, she has helped me to pull my grade up from a U to and A. She always believes in each and every ones of her students and encourages us to keep pressing on to succeed. The lessons were very engaging and informative, and she uses the many years of experience that she has to teach us all the tips and tricks to score well for GP. It has been a great pleasure for me to be her student and I am deeply grateful to her. Thank you Ms Ho for all that you have done! Really couldn’t have done it without you ❤ And thanks for all the sacrifices you made for us too! I know your a tuition teacher and that it’s your job, but you still went above and beyond to help us all and I’ve never had a teacher like that before.

Fatin @ Anderson Junior College

I really enjoyed attending Ms Ho’s lessons because apart from learning the skills and techniques needed to score in GP, I also got to learn important life skills through Ms Ho’s sharing of her life experiences in class. I used to dislike GP as a subject because it was too challenging for me cope with, but after attending Ms Ho’s lessons, I realized that GP is actually very interesting and helpful for me to know about what it going on around me. I really appreciate what Ms Ho did for her students – always encouraging us and believing in us! Thank you Ms Ho for saving my GP!

Lee Yong Xin @ Anderson Junior College

My 4 years experience at Byron have been fulfilling and enjoyable. Learning GP at Bryon not only equipped me with essential thinking skills, it has also been an exciting experience all thanks to Ms Ho’s enthusiasm in teaching. There are plenty of opportunities to participate in discussions in every lesson therefore every student can learn from their own mistakes as well as others. Without Bryon, I wouldn’t have received satisfactory result for my A levels.

Daren Chng @ Hwa Chong Institution

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