O Level English Tuition

Our ‘O’-Level english tuition lessons have helped many students from various secondary schools to improve their English grades

The ‘O’-Level English Syllabus

The ‘O’-Level English Syllabus aims to develop the following competencies:
  • Listening and reading with accuracy, understanding and appreciating content presented via various medium such as the the internet, radio, podcasts, videos and print.
  • Conversing and writing effectively in English under different situations.
  • Understanding the correct use of vocabulary and grammar to express ideas effectively in English language as well as using words impactfully.
A student’s proficiency in the language is assessed via 4 papers with different weightage;
  • Writing – 35%
  • Comprehension – 35%
  • Listening – 10%
  • Oral Communication – 20%
At Byron, through decades tutoring Secondary School English, we have developed a know-how to improve grades which is aligned with the objectives of the ‘O’- Level English Syllabus.  In truth, we start preparing students for this crucial examination from as early as Secondary One.  As the student progresses to Secondary Four, we fine tune examination taking strategies and techniques and prioritise building their confidence in aceing their papers. Help us to help you by starting early!


Secondary English Tuition

English Tuition for Secondary One to Four/Five and 'O'- Level.

JC General Paper Tuition

JC1 and JC2 GP.

Maths for Secondary & JC

Mathematics Tuition for Secondary, JC1 & 2 Students.

Chemistry for 'O'- Level JC

Chemistry for ‘O’- Level & JC

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Ms Ho, an Absolutely Dedicated Teacher

Students tend to learn better when they connect well with their teachers. “Come as a student, leave as a friend”- this encapsulates Ms Ho’s relationship with her students. Students know that at Byron, Ms Ho is always a call, an sms, an email or Whatsapp away.

Conducive Learning Environment

Located right at the heart of the city, we are just a 5 minutes’ walk away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.  Comfortable air-conditioned classrooms, coupled with dynamic teaching make learning pleasurable.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Every student who enrols at Byron, is special. Rather than impose a “One-System-Fits-All” kind of teaching style, it is all about fundamentals. There are no gimmicks and no fanciful systems; it is all about instilling solid fundamentals backed by more than 2 decades of refined experience in tutoring Secondary, ‘O’ Levels, JC students from various Secondary Schools and JCs. We don’t tutor English just to help students to pass their examinations. We go beyond that. We impart life skills and build relationships to help in navigating life’s journey. Our proven track record and constant flow of word-of mouth referrals affirm what we have been doing.

Our Approach

In preparing our students to ace their ‘O’-Level English Exam, our tutoring approach is structured as follows:

Paper 1

  • Editing Skills
  • Situational Writing Skills
  • Continuous Writing Skills

Paper 2

  • Visual Text Answering Skills
  • Narrative Text  Answering Skills
  • Factual Text Answering Skills
  • Summary Writing Skills

Paper 3

  • Listening Comprehension

Paper 4

  • Reading Aloud
  • Spoken Interaction Skills
Be a part of our success stories. Don’t wait!

Testimonials & Featured Students

Miss Ho is a kind, passionate and caring teacher. She teaches me how to tackle essay questions effectively by identifying keywords, elaborating them and utilizing unique ways of generating examples that I find to be very useful. She often updates me on the world's latest news which makes me more aware of current affairs happening around us. The best thing about Miss Ho is that she shows concern about our grades as well as our well-being. She often buys us snacks or drinks to keep us fueled for the long hour of lessons. Miss Ho never fails to lend a listening ear when I’m in need. She is one of the reasons why I’ve opted to go back to Secondary 5 to take my O' Levels, despite advice from my friends and school teachers to not to do so as they expected me to struggle even more to cope with it, with me even barely passing it in my N' Level English exam, and I myself is feared that I will love to regret my decision going back to Secondary 5. Miss Ho, however, assured me that I won't be alone; and true enough with the help of Miss Ho and myself really putting in the hard work, I have managed to obtain a B4 for my O Level English! Even though my result is not the best, I went from barely passing N’ Level English to getting a B4 for O' Level English which I am very proud of. I am glad that I took Miss Ho's advice and went back to Secondary 5, as it now opens so many more life options. Without Miss Ho's help, all this would not have been possible. Words can't express how grateful and thankful I am towards Miss Ho’s guidance and support. Thank you so much, Miss Ho!

Teo Jian Zhou, Edgefield Secondary-2019 O’Level

Hi everyone, especially to the current batch of Secondary 4 students this year. I’m sure many of you would be stressed out with O Levels. However, I can assure you that hard work pays off and I hope that all of you would continue studying and strive on. I personally did not perform well for my SA2 exams in Secondary 3. However, thanks to the help and encouragement from my teachers and friends around me. I managed to improve in Secondary 4 with hard work. I would also like to thank Ms. Ho for teaching me English since I was Secondary 1. I had always struggled with English since I was in Primary school. However, after joining Byron in Secondary 1, under the guidance of Ms. Ho, I have improved significantly for this language. All the best for your upcoming exams and I hope that all of you would do well.

Lucas Tan
Anglican High School -2019 O’Level

2017 has been a challenging year for me. I have been constantly getting Bs for English throughout my school year but under Ms Ho’s guidance, patience and strategic teaching styles, I was able to do better in English as she made learning English enjoyable. Hence I was able to achieve my goals in O level examination.

Sharon Su Le Thein Compassvale Secondary School

Ms. Ho played a huge role in my life, I have been with her since Sec 1. I have been getting Cs for my English papers but with Ms. Ho's constant encouragement and love, I managed to do well for my O levels. She never gave up on me, always having a gentle word of encouragement whenever i am in doubt about myself. Her lessons are always exciting, filled with life stories and jokes, making them very interesting and never boring. I am very thankful to be in her class for four years and counting. laughing

RayAnne Ng
Tanjong Katong Girls Secondary – 2019 O’Level

I have been in Byron tutorial center since sec 1. I used to fail my English badly. However, with Ms. Ho’s techniques and tips, I could better understand how to tackle any type of compo and compre questions, thus helping me score a B3 for my O levels. Ms. Ho is also a jovial teacher and often cracks jokes to make us relax during her lessons, thereby making us enjoy learning and not making our lessons boring. She is also very approachable and I often get advice from her. She buys us snacks when we have 4-hour lessons with her. She encourages us to do our best and does not give us the pressure of finishing any homework that she gives. I am surely going to miss Ms. Ho’s lessons.

Vishalini Woodlands Secondary School

I’m currently pursuing an Early Childhood Education Diploma in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. In order to become a L2 teacher in the early childhood industry, I have to get a B3 grade. Ms Ho has helped me to improve my English paper 1 and paper 2, especially in essay writing. She is a very warm and encouraging teacher. Apart from regular schooling hours in poly, it can be tiring to go for tuition. However, I look forward to Ms Ho’s tuition because she doesn’t only teach English but about life. I’m thankful for her tutoring and encouragement to have scored a B3!

Rachel Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Early Childhood Programme

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