O Level English Tuition

Our ‘O’-Level english tuition lessons have helped many students from various secondary schools to improve their English grades

The ‘O’-Level English Syllabus

The ‘O’-Level English Syllabus aims to develop the following competencies:
  • Listening and reading with accuracy, understanding and appreciating content presented via various medium such as the the internet, radio, podcasts, videos and print.
  • Conversing and writing effectively in English under different situations.
  • Understanding the correct use of vocabulary and grammar to express ideas effectively in English language as well as using words impactfully.
A student’s proficiency in the language is assessed via 4 papers with different weightage;
  • Writing – 35%
  • Comprehension – 35%
  • Listening – 10%
  • Oral Communication – 20%
At Byron, through decades tutoring Secondary School English, we have developed a know-how to improve grades which is aligned with the objectives of the ‘O’- Level English Syllabus.  In truth, we start preparing students for this crucial examination from as early as Secondary One.  As the student progresses to Secondary Four, we fine tune examination taking strategies and techniques and prioritise building their confidence in aceing their papers. Help us to help you by starting early!


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English Tuition for Secondary One to Four/Five and 'O'- Level.

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JC1 and JC2 GP.

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Mathematics Tuition for Secondary, JC1 & 2 Students.

Years of Experience


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Ms Ho, an Absolutely Dedicated Teacher

Students tend to learn better when they connect well with their teachers. “Come as a student, leave as a friend”- this encapsulates Ms Ho’s relationship with her students. Students know that at Byron, Ms Ho is always a call, an sms, an email or Whatsapp away.

Conducive Learning Environment

Located right at the heart of the city, we are just a 5 minutes’ walk away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.  Comfortable air-conditioned classrooms, coupled with dynamic teaching make learning pleasurable.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Every student who enrols at Byron, is special. Rather than impose a “One-System-Fits-All” kind of teaching style, it is all about fundamentals. There are no gimmicks and no fanciful systems; it is all about instilling solid fundamentals backed by more than 2 decades of refined experience in tutoring Secondary, ‘O’ Levels, JC students from various Secondary Schools and JCs. We don’t tutor English just to help students to pass their examinations. We go beyond that. We impart life skills and build relationships to help in navigating life’s journey. Our proven track record and constant flow of word-of mouth referrals affirm what we have been doing.

Our Approach

In preparing our students to ace their ‘O’-Level English Exam, our tutoring approach is structured as follows:

Paper 1

  • Editing Skills
  • Situational Writing Skills
  • Continuous Writing Skills

Paper 2

  • Visual Text Answering Skills
  • Narrative Text  Answering Skills
  • Factual Text Answering Skills
  • Summary Writing Skills

Paper 3

  • Listening Comprehension

Paper 4

  • Reading Aloud
  • Spoken Interaction Skills
Be a part of our success stories. Don’t wait!

Testimonials & Featured Students

When I first joined Byron Tutorial Centre, it was the end of Secondary 3 and my English was around a B4-C5 grade. I felt that I needed extra assistance outside of school and hence joined this tuition centre. Ms Ho was a very understanding and welcoming teacher since the very beginning. During Byron lessons, I felt that I could express myself and ask questions, without feeling judged. Ms Ho is definitely very passionate about English and teaching. She is loving and supportive not only in terms of academics but also in terms of students’ wellbeing. The materials provided during class have helped me in my revision and whenever I was in doubt, I would never hesitate to message Ms Ho for clarification. My own effort as well as help from Ms Ho and school helped me achieve an A1 in the ‘O’ Level English Exam.

Loh Ning

Crescent Girls School- 2020 O’Level

I only joined Byron Tutorial Centre a year ago, but I have learned so much from Ms Ho and my English has improved tremendously. Ms Ho is a very patient and passionate teacher who strives to make sure that her students perform to the best of their abilities. As someone who had never attended tuition lessons for English before, I used to be quite skeptical about travelling such a long distance to the tuition centre. Luckily, Byron Tutorial Centre offers Zoom lessons as an option too, which certainly became my much preferred option due to its convenience (of course, I would travel down to the tuition centre once in a while to attend physical lessons). Ms Ho is a teacher who ensures that each and every one of her students understands the concepts that she goes through in class and makes sure that no student is left behind. Under Ms Ho’s guidance, I managed to score a distinction in the O-Level despite scoring straight Bs previously!

Shannon Lee 

Anderson Secondary School-2021 O’Level

I joined Byron at the end of Sec 2. When I first joined, I often struggled with my composition and comprehension, ms ho was very understanding and helped me to clarify my thoughts and improve my answers and my writing techniques. During my N levels I managed to score grade 3 for English The next year, I took Sec 5 normal academic During olevels I often found it hard to cope with the toughness of the olevel English syllabus, Ms Ho still managed to helped me with my work and even guide me on my mistakes for my EAE essay which I got in . During her classes both online and face to face she always emphasized the importance of reading which was done during all classes. Thanks to her teaching and my perseverance, I scored a b3 forEnglish,h up from my c 6 during prelims. , I couldn’t have achieved it without a teacher of such a caliber like Ms Ho .

 Ethan Teo

Queenstown Secondary School – 2020 O’Level

Miss Ho is a kind, passionate and caring teacher. She teaches me how to tackle essay questions effectively by identifying keywords, elaborating them and utilizing unique ways of generating examples that I find to be very useful. She often updates me on the world's latest news which makes me more aware of current affairs happening around us. The best thing about Miss Ho is that she shows concern about our grades as well as our well-being. She often buys us snacks or drinks to keep us fueled for the long hour of lessons. Miss Ho never fails to lend a listening ear when I’m in need. She is one of the reasons why I’ve opted to go back to Secondary 5 to take my O' Levels, despite advice from my friends and school teachers to not to do so as they expected me to struggle even more to cope with it, with me even barely passing it in my N' Level English exam, and I myself is feared that I will love to regret my decision going back to Secondary 5. Miss Ho, however, assured me that I won't be alone; and true enough with the help of Miss Ho and myself really putting in the hard work, I have managed to obtain a B4 for my O Level English! Even though my result is not the best, I went from barely passing N’ Level English to getting a B4 for O' Level English which I am very proud of. I am glad that I took Miss Ho's advice and went back to Secondary 5, as it now opens so many more life options. Without Miss Ho's help, all this would not have been possible. Words can't express how grateful and thankful I am towards Miss Ho’s guidance and support. Thank you so much, Miss Ho!

Teo Jian Zhou, Edgefield Secondary-2019 O’Level

Hi everyone, especially to the current batch of Secondary 4 students this year. I’m sure many of you would be stressed out with O Levels. However, I can assure you that hard work pays off and I hope that all of you would continue studying and strive on. I personally did not perform well for my SA2 exams in Secondary 3. However, thanks to the help and encouragement from my teachers and friends around me. I managed to improve in Secondary 4 with hard work. I would also like to thank Ms. Ho for teaching me English since I was Secondary 1. I had always struggled with English since I was in Primary school. However, after joining Byron in Secondary 1, under the guidance of Ms. Ho, I have improved significantly for this language. All the best for your upcoming exams and I hope that all of you would do well.

Lucas Tan
Anglican High School -2019 O’Level

As a private candidate taking o level English paper after a year-long hiatus from secondary school, I was filled with the harrowing possibility of failure. So much so that I procrastinated studying for four whole months. Before I even had my first lesson at Byron tutorial centre, I received my first piece of advice that has shaped my philosophy regarding the diploma I am pursuing- you can fool a fool, you can con a con but you can't kid a kid. On the fifteenth of May, with sweaty palms and an anxious gait, I walked into the classroom only to be met with an amazing teacher that I would be grateful for my entire life. Ms ho has taught us different methods to come up with points to write in our essay, how to develop our oral answers, pay attention to detail in comprehension, read between the lines and gave us a trunk full of vocabulary that I find myself espousing on a daily basis. She uses real-life examples and news to help us generate examples to use and never fails to provide a different point of view. Ms Ho’s dedication to her work and students is unprecedented. She takes the initiative to connect with us and understand the different walks of life we come from. She tries to ameliorate our language and also broaden our perspective on different topics. She ardently tries to deepen our understanding and improve our language. She makes it a point to regularly check in on us and answer our queries despite her packed schedule. Her care and concern are certainly bona fide. Ms Ho once told me, At the heart of teaching, is teaching from the heart. I've come to fully comprehend what that means after these last seven months with her. And truly, come as a stranger, leave as a friend. I am elated to say that my ‘o’ level english result- an A1- didn't prove her faith in me wrong. As I fall short of words to express how thankful I am to have met you, I hope these two words, thank you, are able to give you a taste of it.


Ngee Ann Polytechnic Early Childhood Development and Education Course- 2020 O’Level

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